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The Cherry Grove Fire Department needs your help.

fire truck.jpg

The Cherry Grove Fire District needs to replace our 38 year old First Response Vehicle. Over the years, we have replaced almost every component of this vehicle, but it is now definitely time to replace this very critical piece of firefighting equipment with a State of the Art, custom made fire engine!

Our First Response vehicle is critical to our ability to fight fires and extinguish them quickly. This is the vehicle that allows us to get water to higher elevations quickly because it carries a powerful water pump. Having this new truck will also insure that our Fire Insurance rates remain low….possibly even lower than current rates.

We keep our taxes low and just cover the annual operating costs for the Fire Department. Comparatively speaking, this is not a very expensive fire engine…but $125,000 is more than we can afford…so we need your help.

Our fire department vehicles are customized to be used on our boardwalks, and thus an actual picture of the final truck is not available. The vehicle pictured here is similar to what we will receive.

We are very pleased to say that we plan to name this Fire truck in Memory of Ex Chief George Oakley. Please help us to make this happen and donate to this very worthy cause!

Please go to to donate.

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