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Mr. Fire Island Bear 2017 Dan Jimenez

The third annual Fire Island Bear Weekend, organized by Shane Tate, took place from June 15 to 18, coinciding with Cherry Grove Pride, and the centerpiece of Bear Weekend was the Mr. Fire Island Bear contest, on June 17, at Cherry’s, where Dan Jimenez was chosen, out of five contenders, by a panel of five judges, to be Mr. F.I. Bear 2017, succeeding 2016 Patrick Donohue and 2015 Chris Pagano. Homecoming Queen 2017 Ginger Snap hosted the contest, attended by a (human) puppy throughout, and Lenny was the DJ. Ginger’s numbers were “Proud Mary,” “I’m Here” from “The Color Purple,” and “I’m Every Woman.” Contestants were judged on first impression, sexy undergear, confidence and personality, and on-stage interview and Q & A. Judges were gay networking app Scruff’s Jason Marchant, the Pines’ Gil Neary, Syluss Afano designer / tailor at the Leatherman, Mr. Fire Island Leather 2017 Joseph Gebbie, and sashing the winner, Patrick Donohue. Contenders vying with Danny were Frank Anthony, musclebear Vinnie Parallelo, Josh Wallower, and as runner-up, Noah Bradaman. Danny was asked to give an audience member a lap dance and, posed the question about what he would use on the sexiest bear in the Meat Rack, answered “spit,” because “it’s natural.” Asked by Sir Joseph, “What would you do to me?,” Noah responded “What wouldn’t I do to you, Sir?” and added, “and then fist you.” Other events of Bear Weekend included a Beards and Bears Welcome Party at Cherry’s, with DJ Ted Bishop; a Bear-Ass Tea and Pool Party, at Belvedere, hosted by Porsche, with DJ Johnny Mack; and a Scruff “Woof!” Party at the Ice Palace, with DJs Corey Craig and Ted Bishop.

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